What We Do
Educational Counseling & Consulting

Buckley Education understands the complex decision-making process of finding the 'best fit' educational setting.

Guiding You

With this complex understanding, we guide our students and families by understanding the “big picture” related to each student’s educational journey. We take pride in calming the educational decision-making process and helping each person feel confident about their accomplishments.

What Makes Us Unique

We are professional educators. Buckley Education is a team of credentialed counselors and educators.

We purposefully and intentionally chose to pursue our higher education degrees (Masters in Counseling and Education), chose to work in schools, chose to pursue our California Credentials in Counseling (Pupil Personnel Services). 

We are the only educational consulting firm with two Certified Educational Planners as deemed by the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners.



Building Relationships

We are aware of each student's educational needs and, as such, understand the needs related to their academic environment.

We work holistically by building relationships and supporting the personal growth of each student.

In our work, we delve into each student's educational record, the factors affecting their performance, and their current educational setting as it relates to their performance.