How We're Different

A Comprehensive Approach to Education

We see education as a process, not a product.

As such, we review comprehensive records to make recommendations and support the multiple facets and layers of the educational decision-making process.

As professional educators, counselors & consultants we work with each student to understand the unique needs for their educational placement. 

Our Approach & Work

Elementary School Planning

We meet with a child's parents (and based on the age of the child, we will include them in our initial meeting) to review the unique characteristics and educational needs.

Every Initial Meeting is 90 minutes in length. From the Initial Meeting, we'll collectively determine the next steps.

Middle and Secondary School Planning

The planning process begins with the Initial Meeting for 90 minutes in length.

As each person's needs are unique, we'll determine what steps are needed and necessary to support the educational process.

College & Gap Year Planning

We understand admission standards, trends and reduce the anxiety associated with college planning.

We educate our students and their parents with the current landscape of college admission. With this education mindset, parents become informed, and each of our students is appropriately supported with their goals.

Our work reflects each student's needs and we'll develop a plan that fits the needs of each student.