High School Planning

The high school decision making process is complex

We guide each family by understanding a child's academic and social needs.

We help families understand a school's infrastructure, while considering the curricular offerings.

We understand the history of the school and how a particular school can meet each child's growth.  

We understand the multi-layered process of finding the best educational setting.

Integrated into the Buckley Education model is a sophisticated understanding of adolescent development, an in-depth understanding of curricular structures and the variety of high schools available and the importance of integrating all facets of this decision for the ‘best fit’ educational setting.

An important part of understanding schools, is meeting with admission officers, visiting schools and understanding, first hand, the unique components of a school.  

Jeanmarie Buckley, founder of Buckley Education, specializes in guiding families with their child's educational placement.  

She would be happy to speak to you about your child’s educational needs.

Call or email us to schedule a meeting to further discuss your child's needs.  

650.401.6140 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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