The Writing Process

The writing process is an individual journey and takes time to develop. 

We believe this is important for many reasons.  We receive inquiries to support students in their writing process for both school and college applications.  Listed below are a few of the ways that we support our students:

1.  Many schools and colleges utilize a third party application to faciliate the application process.  While each institution may use the same application, the review process remains unique to their admission process.  We understand the unique aspects of the admission process and share that while guiding students through their writing development.

2.  Some schools and colleges maintain their own application process.  The essays composed for these applications require unique reflection and insight.  We, at Buckley Education, guide and mentor this ethical process of essay development.  

3.  We understand the admission standards as set forth by the University of California.  As such, we guide students to write, specifically, to meet the needs of this Personal Insight Questions (PIQ's), as it relates to the entirety of the application.  It does not benefit a student to write separate from the message being conveyed in their entire application.  As an important piece of advice, the University of California Personal Insight Questions are a continuum of or a culmination of the application.  

4.  Writing takes years to hone.  We understand, when a student asks for our support late in their educational journey, that an essay must reflect the academic voice that has been developed prior to receiving our support.  We will not change the voice of the student, but rather guide the structural components and message the student wishes to convey.

Lastly, reading is the core of every great writer.  To become a great writer, our advice is to read anything and everything.  Fiction, non-fiction, historical or fantasy; reading develops a voice, context and guides the rhythm of well developed writing.

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