Beginning Buckley Education

was and continues to be an act of love.  I began my career in the San Mateo Union High District as a school counselor and over the years took on many roles in support of students and their families.  I chose to leave the district to begin a firm that would focus on students and families first and foremost.  Working in private practice gives me the perspective to talk with, analyze and understand a student's educational path outside the educational system.

I am fourth generation San Franciscan and have raised my boys (who are now men), here as well.  My roots are deep and relationships wide as I have friendships and connections that go back decades.  I am the fourth of five children and our extended family is close.

When I'm not in the office, I'm in the garden or trekking up to Lake Tahoe to spend time on the mountain.  

I believe in the power of knowledge and in finding an educational environment that inspires each person with which I work.  

A few more details:

I look forward to talking with you. 
Feel free to contact me:
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