Gap Year & Post Graduate Options

Taking time off upon high school graduation is considered an asset in a student's life.


"The feedback from students, almost all the time, has been that this experience was transformative.  The more life experience you bring, the better off you are in school."

William Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Harvard University

"Considering a time to reflect, pause and mature is the core benefit of a post graduate year.  A student only benefits from taking a year at a boarding school to immerse themselves into independent life within a supportive and caring setting."

Jeanmarie Buckley, Principal and Founder of Buckley Education

Gap Year

Each person's Gap Year is created and structured based on their personal interests.  This experience could include participating in a structured program that encompasses travel, or it could be focused on taking a year to work.  No matter what the experience, a year of growth beyond high school graduation will help a person develop clarity for their chosen academic path.

Post Graduate 

A Post Graduate option is for a student who desires the structure of a secondary school setting and can access this through a boarding school option. Many boarding schools offer the PG (Post Graduate) option for students who want to continue their education, but do so before they begin their college experience.  A student could be a prospective colleagiate athlete, a student considering one of the United States Military academies, or a student who wants to work on their academic performance as they may have not fully demonstrated their academic potential in their first few years of high school.