Working at Buckley Education allowed me to feel confident and comfortable before, during, and after my college application process.  Mrs. Lisa Kraft was always readily available to help me and remained patient and positive with all of the questions and concerns I had, whethere they concerned my writing, school choices, or technical information.  Her work allowed me to devise essays I was confident in and applications I was proud to submit. 

– Class of 2017-Student

(con't) He swam for social reasons and to stay integrated within the entire fabric of his school's community. He was active in San Francisco as he, as a young activist, saw the need for his voice to be heard on issues surrounding the political and social landscape. The application process unfolded in the way that the application process unfolds with Buckley Ed.  John's application reflected his character and desire to pursue his intellect and social responsibility within the higher education setting.  
The waiting began and as all applications come forth for the Regular Decision process, he received his admission decision.  I will never, ever forget the look in his eyes when he walked into the office.  He made it!  Not only did he receive the admission decision he had hoped for, but he received a full scholarship to attend.
This story is a few years old, but I share it as often as I can.  It's a reflection of what can be and what will be if hard work, determination, authentic character development is demonstrated.  John attended his first choice place of higher education and after two years took time off to work for a non-profit organization; a testament to his desire to affect change.  He is back at the university, completing his undergraduate degree and the world is full of possibilities for him.  I'm curious to hear of his new adventures in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

– Our February 2017 Story