How We Are Different

We are professional, credentialed educators and counselors.  As such, our fee schedule is reflective of our education, experience and knowledge.

The Buckley Education Team has earned higher education degrees to continue the advancement of our knowledge within a field that is ever-evolving, morphing and changing.

We are committed to maintaining our expertise on admission policies, practices and trends at all levels within the education trajectory.

We provide up to 20% of our time to those students and their families who cannot readily or easily afford our services.  And, as private practitioners, we have paved the way for school counselors to seek private educational counseling as a career.

We understand the importance of equity in education.  

With all of this being said, we are not an inexpensive option for those seeking our educational support.  But, our statistics show that EACH and EVERY student we work with have completed the personal and individual work necessary to ensure they are at the right school to complement their learning.

How do we structure our fees?

All of our work is completed on an hourly basis.  A family receives a billing statement detailing the work completed on behalf of the student.

Interested in knowing our rates? 
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