We, at Buckley Education are proud of our legacy.  For decades we have guided our students and their families to the educational setting that works best for their child's learning profile.  We hold the degrees, credentials and licensure required to work both within and outside the school system.   




– The Buckley Ed Story

Thanks for all of your kind patience & help!

– Parent - 2018 Middle School Applicant
We survived the private school application process!  I wanted to circle back and thank you for your assistance in walking us through the various schools.  Cyrus ended up being admitted to and selecting Kirby School in Santa Cruz.  We fell in love with it soon as we toured it - it's a unique place that we think Cyrus will thrive with small class sizes, a balanced liberal arts and science focus, and covers 6th-12th - and thankfully he really liked it too!  We would have never thought outside the box without your assistance.
– Parent - 2017 Middle School Applicant

"Many thanks again for your help with our application essays as well as interviewing skills for Z.  This was truly a group effort and we are beyond grateful for the positive results."

– Parent - 2017 High School Applicant

"We can’t thank you enough for all of your knowledge of the process and the guidance you gave to M. We could not have gotten through this without you.
I loved that you would give Mitchell gentle nudges and reminders which kept him on track. After each visit with you, I could see Mitchell become more and more calm and confident with the College Admissions process.
Thank you for everything and I am sure you have many families to use as a reference but please consider our family one of them as well."

– Parent - 2018 College Applicant

"We were so excited after our meeting with you.  You're insight, thoroughness, and attention to detail, and knowledge of this process were so impressive.  She left feeling relieved and excited about the process."

– Parent of Daughter - Class of 2021
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