College Writing & More

Individual College Writing 

Buckley Education has a copywrited and trademarked process for guiding students through their college writing.

Our unique program was created a number of years ago to help student's define their voice.  As we continue to support students in their writing  we have developed forums unique to Buckley Education.  We work with students one-on-one and in small groups to support their evolving writing voice. 

Individual Writing Skills

Buckley Education developed a Writing Skills program to concretely and proactively address the concern from our colleagues that students need to write more.

Finding a writing voice, developing a unique perspective through the written word is an essential skill for academic success and achievement in the world of work.

Group College Writing

Buckley Education uses their process to educate students on the writing process in a small group setting.  There are plenty of benefits of developing a writing voice in a group setting sharing a collaborative mindset and hearing unique perspectives.

Call us today to understand our process and how we support student’s and their learning. 

Why Buckley Education in the Writing Process?

Buckley Education understands the purpose for the writing being created.  We, too often, find students coming to us to help fix their essays based on incorrect or old information.  It is our professional obligation to understand the reason behind why a school's application may require an essay and then with that understanding mentor and guide a student towards an essay that communicates their voice.   

An essay takes time to write and before it can be composed, a student's intent and focus must be defined:  Buckley Education does just that = defines.

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